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St John's Priory School Judged Excellent by Independent Schools Inspectorate

  • 28 March 2017

St John's Priory School, Banbury, is celebrating an "Excellent" rating from a recent Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection in which teachers were praised for their "imaginative curriculum and well planned teaching".

The inspectors judged St John's Priory as "Excellent" in all areas, the highest possible awarding. The report particularly highlighted the pupils' "extremely high levels of self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline and resilience," before going on to say the "children feel safe, confident and cared for and have freedom to enjoy learning."

The report especially commended the "well planned teaching which ensures activities that motivate and inspire" and the "full use of technology in the curriculum." Inspectors who authored the report commended the pupils' success and the quality of teaching when they said "Pupils achieve success in academic, sport, performing and other arts as a result of careful planning and enthusiastic teaching."

As well as the teaching provision the inspection also focused on the welfare of the pupils, highlighting the "safe, family and community environment [which] enables pupils to explain and discuss their learning in class with their teachers and peers.... Throughout the school, pupils' self-confidence and self-esteem is greatly enhanced by the excellent relationships with their peers and their teachers."

The report concluded that "Pupils, including those in the Early Years Foundation Stage, achieve highly, in accordance with the school's aim to provide an educational of the highest quality in which children are challenged and encouraged to achieve their potential in all areas." Headmistress Tracey Wilson said, "I am extremely proud of the outcomes. This fantastic result is a reflection of a tremendous amount of hard work and commitment from all staff and pupils over time and is also a reflection of the unwavering support of our parents and families."

"Our aim has always been to develop happy, self-confident young people who are fully prepared for the next stage of their lives," said Karl Durham, the school's co-owner. "I am delighted by the wonderful report and really pleased to see that what we are trying to achieve here at the school has shone through."

The full report can be seen on the St John's Priory School website.