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Karl Durham Profiled by Bodyshop Magazine

  • 10 April 2017

DAC Chief Executive Karl Durham features in the April 2017 issue of Bodyshop Magazine, the UK collision repair industry's leading monthly independent publication. In a wide-ranging interview, Karl talks about his three decades working in the industry, introduces the companies within the DAC Group, and gives his vision of the future of the automotive sector.

Karl tells the story of his journey in the industry, which began with him founding Paintbox at the age of 19 and continued with his second business, International Applications, going on to be recognised by the Sunday Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK and attracting significant Japanese investment.

Karl also talks about how he has set up or invested in a number of automotive companies under the DAC umbrella, among them ITAS, GT Motive, Xpress Centres and Cornerstone Technologies. He gives his assessment of where the industry is today and where it’s going, and shares what motivates and inspires him.

"I want to be involved in a movement within the accident repair fraternity which levels the playing field for repairers and opens up the market for all," says Karl. "I’ve set my heart on trying to bring that about."

Click here to read the full interview with Karl or view online (page 22-23) at the Bodyshop Magazine website.